2020: Commemorations in Munich

It is expected that a small number (100-200) of Reds will travel to Munich to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of the crash. Here is a rough agenda for the memorial ceremony that will take place at the ManchesterPlatz memorial site on the 6th Feb. (Times are in German timezone)

14:00: There will be a separate ceremony on 6th February at Manchesterplatz. This ceremony is for laying the foundation stone for the new memorabilia showcase at the site. This has been arranged by the Red Docs Munich and the Lord Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, will give an address, as will the Chairman of the Red Docs, Dr Mark Salzmann and the Chairman of the MMMF, Pat Burns. The Chairman, President and former President of Bayern Munich FC, Herr’s Rummenigge, Hainer and Hoeness will also be in attendance.

14:50: Opening of memorial Ceremony. Welcome address by Pat Burns, MMMF Chairman, including introducing the MMMF Fans Representatives and giving an outline of the ceremony agenda.

14:55: Roll Call of Honour by the MMMF Fans Representatives, Kerry and Zachary Rowan followed by singing of “The Pride of Football”.

15:04: Official 2 minutes silence.

15:06: Laying of fans wreath by the MMMF Fans Representatives followed by the singing of “The Flowers of Manchester”

15:10 Closing of ceremony by Pat Burns